Environmental Preservation
  • Stop Danskammer Power Plant expansion

    • People that come to live in Newburgh and in Orange County are attracted to our beautiful scenery and quality of life. The Danskammer power plant will be a threat not only to that quality of life but also to our air and water. The proposed power plant expansion is not the kind of legacy we should leave on our future generations. The long-term environmental impacts would far outweigh the short-term financial gains the Republicans are promoting.

  • Protect our air and water.

  • Ensure that development projects are held accountable on their environmental impacts.

Improving Transportation
  • Expand Dial a Bus – Currently it is M-F 8:30- 3:30pm

  • Access to livable wage jobs

  • Connecting our community’s members to shopping centers and local activities

Improving Infrastructure
  • Improving our roads

  • Building sidewalks and creating bike lanes for public safety

  • Improve traffic flow on busy roads throughout the town.

Helping Seniors
  • Creating a welcoming Senior center with programs and services

  • Prioritizing access to affordable housing options for seniors

Strengthening Communication and Accessibility
  • More Transparency in Town Government

  • Currently Town board meetings last on average 16 minutes and there is no discussion of votes. The important discussions happen behind closed doors. It is time for the taxpayers in the Town of Newburgh to be part of the conversation.

  • Update Town of Newburgh website

  • Research and educate residents about grants and programs they may qualify for.  

Improving Quality of Life
  • Public Access to the river

    • The Town is situated along the beautiful Hudson River, but our residents currently have no public access point in the town. I am committed to working on the creation of a town waterfront public space along the river front.

  • Access to our public park

    • The Town of Newburgh currently has one park. Our tax dollars finance this park, yet we must pay to use it.We pay twice for access to our own park!

  • Youth programs

    • The pandemic has caused a childcare crisis. The families in the Town of Newburgh are struggling to balance work and family responsibilities. At the same time, many residents are out of work.We would like to create a Town of Newburgh Childcare Council to connect families with childcare providers.

    • I would like to create a Youth Advisory Council to help address the needs and concerns of our younger residents.

Increasing Affordable Housing
  • Expanding housing options for seniors.

  • Make fair housing available to everyone.

Smart Economic Development
  • Supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly economic development

  • Ensure that small businesses are aware of different government loans and grants and distribute it to them in a timely manner.

  • Help boost tourism to the region.

  • Create a “Downtown” area to build community.

  • Currently there is no cultural geographical heart in the Town of Newburgh. I  would like to develop a town center with quaint shops, restaurants, and artistic endeavors instead of a warehouse.

Improving Public Health and Safety
  • Implement the lifesaving program Hope not Handcuffs to our local police department.

  • This program is a community outreach program designed to reach people struggling with opioid addiction to encourage them to seek recovery.

  • Offer free Narcan training to Town of Newburgh residents through Keep it Moving a local opioid overdose prevention program.

  • Establish a COVID-19 vaccine site in the Town of Newburgh